What Do I Need to Open a Joint Checking Account?

Banking is an essential part of getting by in today’s world, and is crucial for doing business, receiving payments, and more. You probably know all about the importance of checking accounts and all of the benefits having one of your own offers you, but what if you have recently gotten married and would like to take the plunge on establishing a joint bank account with your partner?

Professional banking establishments such as Columbia Bank Voorhees Township usually try to make this process as streamlined as possible so that couples can easily manage their finances together. For first time joint account holders, however, the things you might need that are required to open a joint account might not be so clear.

What Documentation is Needed?

Like opening a checking account on your own, you and your partner will both be required to share some documentation with the bank in order to establish a joint checking account. If one partner already has a checking account established, this process can be made a little easier, because the other person can simply be added onto the account.

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If you are opening a brand new joint checking account together for the first time, you will want to make sure you both bring along some pieces of documentation to prove to the bank that you’re both who you claim to be. These items include two forms of ID from both parties (driver’s licenses and social security cards are sufficient), proof of residence from each party (like a lease agreement for an apartment), and, depending on the bank, a small deposit to open your account with.

Once approved by the bank, both parties will have their own debit cards to use with your new joint account, and you can begin using it just as you would any other checking account right away.